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Family #01

Ben Lowndes - Poet Laureate in Waiting

"Wet Play"

It's a wet play day today
The children are playing ping pong
A cow bell going ding dong
The rain is pouring and the children are drawing

On the window the hail is tapping
and inside the children are chatting
No rugby, no cricket, no football or tag
Stuck in here with a smelly swimming bag

© Ben Lowndes, Winter 2006

Robyn (Hermione) Lowndes & The Kiah Wolf

Family #02

China Trip

Dawn breaking over Mongolia

Photos (c)Pauline Hulme International Artist
Family #03

Family #04

Meeting with Chang Chun at Beijing Airport

Family #05

Arrival in Beijing

Family #06

Breakfast in Beijing - Ali, Rob and Ben

Family #07

Rickshaw in Beijing - Ali and Ben

Family #08

Chang Chun's office in Zibo - Alison 'holding court'

Family #09

Gwang Guihua in office (Chang Chun's wife)

Family #10

The local cycle repair man - Zibo

Family #11

The local shops - Zibo

Family #12

The 'corner shop' at the apartment

Family #13

Ren Min Xilu - outside the school - Ali in blue van!!!

Family #14

Ren Min Xilu traffic lights a few yards from School

Family #15

Peanuts on The Great Wall of China

Family #16

Me, Robyn and Ben on The Great Wall of China

Family #17

Robin Howlett in his apartment in Beijing

Family #18

Robin Howlett and Ali in his apartment in Beijing

Family #19

Ali and Me in Robin Howlett's apartment in Beijing

Family #20

Ben returning water bottle outside their apartment

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