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Phil's Gallery #01

After a 16 year gap...

...waiting for just the right digital camera, "Phil the photographer stud" is back in action. Here's a photo of his baby.

Adobe Lightroom - Digital Darkroom

The latest addition to my digital darkroom is Adobe Lightroom. It really is superb stuff. A few simple fixes like whitebalance settings which are now so easy have brought new life to a lot of photos that had initally disappointed me. On many of these I have now realised the problem was a simple colour cast due to the time of day or cloudy weather. LR also produces superb online galleries with very little hassle, so from now on my gallery will be lightroom powered.

  • Lake District Favourites
  • Glencoe January 2008
  • Bamham Farm (Cornwall) 2009
  • Ireland 2009

  • Phil's Gallery #02

    Eiffel Tower

    Taken in, ahemm, Paris from Trocadero Centre. Shot in colour, B&W conversion in photoshop.

    16th April 2004

    Phil's Gallery #03

    Chiswick House

    Face of Sphinx in grounds of Chiswick House. Took a bit of brightening in Photoshop which also nicely enhanced the blur of the background.

    21st May 2004

    Phil's Gallery #04

    Candles in Notre Dame

    Taken with available light and setting the ISO pretty high, and using that lovely lovely vibration reduction feature in my snazzy new lens.

    17th April 2004

    Phil's Gallery #05

    Descending from Stickle Pike in Duddon Valley

    This shot was taken on 26th Nov 2004, whilst descending from Stickle Pike in the Duddon Valley. It was about 4pm and the light was fabulous.

    Phil's Gallery #06

    Birks Bridge

    Birks bridge towards the top end of Duddon Valley, where Wrynose pass meets Hard Knott pass, is a popular spot for photographers and tourists. After a lot of rain the water rushes through in a torrent. This photo was taken at relatively low water.

    12th Dec 2004

    Phil's Gallery #07

    Ulpha Road Sign in Snow

    Taken Christmas Day 2004. First snow of our time in the Lakes fell today.

    Phil's Gallery #08

    Wallabarra Crag

    I love this Crag in Duddon Valley. It reminds me of Ansel Adams' half dome. I will take a lot of photos of this crag, in an endless quest for the definitive image.

    Phil's Gallery #09

    Rocks at Whistling Green

    Taken on Boxing Day 2004. Whistling Green is just before Ulpha Bridge in Duddon Valley. I wasn't expecting great things when I took this. I was pleasantly surprised.

    Phil's Gallery #10

    2 Trees by Ulpha Bridge

    These trees are actually two trunks off one tree. Taken Boxing Day 2004. Again, this is the first of many photos I will take of these trunks, until I get one I'm really happy with.

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